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Fintech trading & research solutions

MarketWall is AnalytixInsight's fintech joint venture headquartered in Milan, Italy.

Developing solutions to help bridge the gap between finance and technology for individuals, banks, and brokers worldwide.

Corporate Partners

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Online financial broker

InvestoPro digital trading platform

InvestoPro is a CONSOB licensed securities brokerage located in Italy.

Dedicated to providing valuable, easy-to-use, and affordable digital solutions for its users, InvestoPro has two full-service online trading platform solutions.

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Content-rich tools & discount trading

InvestoPro trading & research solutions

InvestoPro offers its customers two online trading platform solutions, InvestoPro EVO and InvestoPro GO, that are easy-to-use, mobile-enabled, and valuable tools for retail investors.

InvestoPro EVO
To help do-it-yourself investors get started with investing on their own, InvestoPro EVO is a comprehensive platform with real-time news, trading ideas, educational resources, and customizable layouts to meet individual needs.
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Customizable dashboards
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Financial and technical analysis
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Portfolio analysis tools by Morningstar
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News, trading ideas, and education tools
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Virtual trading
InvestoPro GO
Designed to provide an ultra user-friendly experience and real-time quotes for investors on-the-go. InvestoPro GO offers €3.90 trades and is the perfect tool for investors that know what they want.
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Discount trading platform
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Simplified, mobile friendly tool
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Price target and analyst consensus
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Economic and financial news
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Email, push notifications, and SMS alerts
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Samsung Partnership
Samsung Europe profiles InvestoPro GO, specifically designed for mobile users, to Samsung customers in Italy.
InvestoPro GO is featured on
Samsung Quick Access
on the Samsung Internet Browser.

Building solutions for banks, brokers, and institutions

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Bank-scale trading app

MarketWall developed the Investo stock trading app for Intesa Sanpaolo, which processes +50% of the bank’s retail trading volume.

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Institutional trading platform

White-label enterprise trading and research platform to support digital transformation, enable cost savings, and faster time-to-market with easy integrations.

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Bank-scale trading app

Investo: Intesa Sanpaolo's trading app

MarketWall entered into a joint venture with Intesa Sanpaolo in 2016 to develop and license the stock trading app "Investo" for the bank's retail trading customers.

Investo is an online and mobile stock trading app designed to integrate into the bank's back-end trading platform and the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile Banking App.

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Buy and sell securities
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Stock and fund research
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Monitor portfolios
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Market news
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Virtual trading
Intesa Sanpaolo: Investo
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Intesa Sanpaolo Partnership
Launched in 2018, Investo is licensed by MarketWall to Intesa Sanpaolo for their +750k active users and is integrated into the bank's App Constellation.
The Investo app processes
of the bank's retail trading volume
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Institutional trading platform

GEMINA: White-label enterprise trading & research solution

GEMINA is a multi-device trading platform designed to support the digital transformation of banks, brokers, and institutions, resulting in implementation cost savings and faster time-to-market with the platform’s easy integrations.

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Cloud-enabled or on-premise solution
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Fundamental and technical analysis
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Institutional research integrations
Plug & play or customization options
GEMINA on desktop
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Morningstar Global Market
A GEMINA white-label research platform, Morningstar Global Market was co-developed in partnership with MarketWall for Morningstar's institutional users.

Launched Nov 2022, Morningstar Global Market is available in EMEA.
Morningstar Global Market:
4 institutions
utilizing the platform.
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