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AI solutions for the mobile field service industry

Euclides Technologies is a systems integration and implementation specialist for the Field Service Management industry. Harnessing the power of our AI engine, we are developing machine learning and data analytics solutions for workforce optimization.

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Artificial intelligence & workforce optimization

With decades of experience, Euclides Technologies are expert systems integrators providing full-service value-added solutions backed by the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

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Field service management

FSM software keeps track of mobile field workforce operations. The components typically include inventory management, vehicle tracking, scheduling, customer portals, and more.

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Workforce optimization

A strategy used in businesses to improve efficiency by providing key data on the performance of a workforce. Machine intelligence and data analytics are the cornerstones of workforce optimization.

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Machine learning

Euclides is designing and building machine learning solutions tailored for the FSM industry to integrate with IFS software and other software solutions.

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Global customers

Experts in the Utilities & Energy industry,  Euclides has global customers representing +100,00 workforce personnel across numerous industries.

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partners & solutions

Field service solutions & services

Legacy field service management solutions, built before mobile and cloud-native platforms, have proven inadequate in keeping up with the growing unpredictability and complexity of field service work. The new era of field service requires a scalable, mobile-first approach purpose-built for technicians, enabling them to work with more agility and efficiency in the face of ever-changing conditions.

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IFS Channel Partner

In 2018, Euclides partnered with IFS, a global enterprise solution provider, to sell and implement IFS Field Service Management™ and IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization™ software.

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Zinier - Industry partner

In 2021, Euclides partnered with Zinier, a leader in field service automation, to power a new era of AI and intelligence automation in field service and to help critical service providers build more resilient field service operations.

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Implementation services

Euclides is an expert systems implementer, leveraging customers’ existing technologies to create tightly integrated systems that streamline operations and optimize not only our solutions, but even pre-existing products.

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Integration services

The best software alone won't streamline an operation – that’s where Euclides comes in. We are the go-to integrator and expert for all things field service management, delivering solutions that solve organizations' unique challenges.

Euclides is here to help you on your journey to workforce optimization!

You don't have to go it alone! We're here to help. Contact us today for a FREE assessment by one of our seasoned experts.

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