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From the Stockhouse Editorial team:

The holy grail for any retail or institutional investor is the truly undervalued stock. And there are dozens of variables at play when determining a company’s share price. For the savvy retail investor or day trader, they know, full well, that emerging financial technology-based companies have, for the past two decades-plus, offered the highest returns with relatively low risk mitigation…despite the dot com bubble crash of the early 2000’s.

Today, a lot of smart money is funnelling into forward-thinking companies that are fulfilling an immediate need to provide real world solutions to analyze big data and create value through data validation.

Now, an innovative, Toronto-based company is making real things happen to protect consumers, companies, and capital. And help them make money.

AnalytixInsight Inc. (ALY) (TSX-V.ALY, OTC:ATIXF, Forum) is a company already on the forefront of developing artificial intelligence (AI) that transforms data into knowledge. Recently named a “Top 10 Tech Company in 2020 TSX Venture 50”, AnalytixInsight is not your typical out-of-box, plug & play company. There are a lot of moving parts…high-tech, artificial intelligence & machine learning, and financial analytical software.

Sound complicated? Actually, it’s not. But it is cool, real-world technology that has been thoughtfully designed to make your life safer, simpler, and more profitable.

To break it down, ALY has essentially developed for consumers and investors, online investment tools for research and trading, putting FinTech and Artificial Intelligence at the forefront.

The Company says it has a “hidden asset” – their FinTech JV subsidiary MarketWall – that is one of the Company’s main catalysts. But its significance is still unknown to many. Let’s unshroud the mystery with a little history.

MarketWall: European FinTech Company Soon to Become an Online Broker

MarketWall develops and sells FinTech online digital solutions for major financial services firms and has grown its revenues to over $6 million in just a few years. AnalytixInsight believes the need for online banking and online trading platforms will dramatically increase because of consumer behavior shifts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and expects MarketWall’s business will additionally benefit from this mega-shift trend.

MarketWall has partnered with leading European bank Intesa Sanpaolo, which has roughly the same asset size as Scotiabank, to develop stock-trading apps and platforms. Intesa Sanpaolo now owns 33 percent of MarketWall while AnalytixInsight owns 49 percent.

MarketWall has applied to become an online financial broker in Europe, which the Company believes will be a key valuation driver when approved. Following regulatory approvals, MarketWall expects to initiate a formal process to determine its appropriate valuation which will allow the company to unveil the true value of this hidden asset, which may then be spun out or taken public through an IPO.

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MarketWall’s InvestoPro Brokerage

MarketWall’s recent actions suggest that it believes the approvals are near at hand. They have recently structured a subsidiary company and selected a branding name for the brokerage – InvestoPro. The board of directors has also been established with an impressive seven appointments, three of which are key representatives from Intesa Sanpaolo.

InvestoPro is obviously deliberately named as an extension of Intesa Sanpaolo’s stock-trading app Investo, which was also built by MarketWall and successfully rolled out by the bank in 2018 as part of the bank’s mobile app. The bank’s mobile banking app is gaining some serious traction and is now used by 5.8 million users and growing. It is also ranked “4th best banking app in Europe.”

InvestoPro will be a significant evolution for MarketWall’s business. It will offer online stock-trading and FinTech-enabled services on multi-device trading platforms (like mobile, wearables, and smart-TVs) and offer high-valued content and education.

Last year, Intesa Sanpaolo, announced a massive 2.8-billion Euro investment over the next three years to increase its digitized banking business to 70 percent.

MarketWall's entrenchment as a FinTech company, partnered with a world-leading bank and the recent InvestoPro news releases that signal pending approvals, clearly illustrates the value of this hidden asset is growing quickly…at a time when online brokerage firms are experiencing tremendous growth. Regulatory approvals for InvestoPro as an online broker will be a gamechanger for AnalytixInsight’s valuation.

And speaking of valuation, investors have taken keen note. ALY’s last 30-day performance has seen a 40 percent increase in shareholder value.

From the CEO

In conversation with Stockhouse Editorial, AnalytixInsight’s VP Corporate of Development, Scott Urquhart, explained the seamlessness of all the Company’s platforms, where he sees the Company moving forward, and how it all equates to value and opportunity for not only existing shareholders, but would-be investors:

“Once we have regulatory approval for the brokerage license, MarketWall will roll it out in Italy and then other European countries, in a marketing campaign that will be assisted by Samsung, who is a partner, and the bank itself (Intesa Sanpaolo). Meanwhile, MarketWall has already collected a strong user base from its financial portal, which now gets 2 million monthly views.

The final evolution will be to take the InvestoPro trading platform and then stitch that together with AnalytixInsight’s financial analytics platform CapitalCube into one offering and roll that out…worldwide. We believe that fundamental analysis and education is especially important for the do-it-yourself investors.”

Meet the Team

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In Closing

The metrics and optics of AnalytixInsight don’t lie. Money in the bank. Debt-free. Solid revenue. Proprietary software. A business model built on strong market fundamentals. An experienced, forward-thinking executive team.

There aren’t a lot of companies like ALY that offer a unique ground-floor investment opportunity in one of the most vital sectors of the New Economy – FinTech & AI. The team says they’re excited and completely engaged in doing what’s best for investors, and it shows. Afterall, isn’t that what it’s all about? Bringing ‘value and opportunity’ to one of the most blue-sky digital global markets available today.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in our AnalytixInsight editorial series where we dive deep into their Workforce Optimization subsidiary, and the compelling partnerships that are driving change in that industry.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by Stockhouse Publishing.

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