Game-Changing AI Company Expands its Offerings into Emerging New Industry

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From the Stockhouse Editorial team:

In Part 1 of introducing our Stockhouse audience to a Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) and FinTech company, we took a deep dive into how it is preparing to launch its FinTech giant.

In this, we will explore another of the Company’s strategic initiatives, the new AI-based solutions it’s developing, and the strategic partnership in its pioneering business model.

AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSX-V.ALY, OTC:ATIXF, Forum) is an advanced FinTech and AI company “transforming data into knowledge”. The Company’s machine-learning platform can crunch through over 100 billion daily computations and is being used by institutions to analyze market price data and regulatory filings to create narratives and reports for global stocks. AnalytixInsight also holds an interest in MarketWall – a European FinTech company that is soon to become an online financial broker in partnership with Italian mobile banking giant, Intesa Sanpaolo.

And, AnalytixInsight has recently announced news regarding its Workforce Optimization initiative. See details below.

About Workforce Optimization: In the News

AnalytixInsight’s subsidiary, Euclides Technologies – an innovative workflow analytics and service systems integrator – is developing AI-based solutions for the Field Service Management (FSM) industry for integration under the Company’s partnership with global enterprise software vendor IFS, as well as other FSM software solutions providers.

Investor Alert: Partnering with a company of this size, scale, and scope is a major coup for AnalytixInsight.

IFS, a global company with over 3,500 employees and 10,000 customers worldwide, develops and delivers enterprise software for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Together, Euclides and IFS are working to help organizations maximize operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

AnalytixInsight announced Euclides has been working collaboratively with IFS to design and build machine learning and deep learning solutions that are tailored for the FSM industry for integration with IFS service software, as well as other FSM software solutions providers. The solutions are targeted to meet the needs of customers in the Energy and Utilities industry verticals where Euclides has extensive industry experience.

As a channel partner in the IFS Partner Network, Euclides sells and implements IFS Field Service Management and IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization software. Euclides has over a decade of expert experience in delivering Workforce Optimization solutions for large global enterprises including power utilities, water utilities, telecommunications companies, and natural gas distribution companies. As a subsidiary of AnalytixInsight, Euclides is well positioned to advance machine intelligence and AI-based solutions within these industry verticals. The initial design of these solutions is targeted to meet the needs of customers in the Energy and Utilities industry verticals using cybernetic methods of human-machine intelligent interaction.

The complexity of customer services challenges, particularly in the utilities industry, begs for improvements in automated service operations to keep pace with change and volatility. Utilizing machine learning algorithms to learn from past experiences to predict future probabilities is an enabler for more efficient management, less downtime, accelerated order processing, and more. Machine learning algorithms based on cybernetics will facilitate insightful learnings from the data currently generated by the FSM industry.

Euclides expects to deploy this new platform solution to enterprise clients during 2021 and expects to elevate its IFS Partnership status with this new initiative.

Workforce Optimization is Integral to the New Global Economy

It’s a fact. Workforce Optimization is a vital strategy used in businesses to improve efficiency by providing key data on the performance of a workforce. It is considered the next logical move to analyze and manage operational efficiency to enhance the entire customer experience.

AnalytixInsight say they believe the use of AI and machine learning in the field service management industry is a growing trend that is increasing, especially as a result of COVID-19 related operational changes in service-based organizations. They are pursuing smart work applications to address this industry need – at just the right time, now that organizations are re-thinking how they need to organize themselves in the new post-COVID world.

AnalytixInsight’s VP of Corporate Development, Scott Urquhart, broke it down by explaining in simple terms high-performance Workforce Optimization: why should you have to stay at home for hours waiting for a technician to arrive to fix something, when we live in a world filled with technology that can provide precise timing? Why should you have to call in to report that the elevator isn’t working again – shouldn’t it auto-dispatch the technician who worked on it last, and then automatically rebalance their daily workload schedule to other skill-matched members in the team?
No more waiting around or missed appointments. After all, time is money.

In Closing

Recently named a “Top 10 Tech Company in 2020 TSX Venture 50”, AnalytixInsight is a multi-layered, multi-tied tech company on the cutting edge of the New Economy – FinTech, AI – and Workforce Optimization.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by Stockhouse Publishing.

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