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Marketwall was established in Milan, Italy, in 2014 by AnalytixInsight as a FinTech company with a focus on stock-trading and financial apps. In 2015, Marketwall and Intesa Sanpaolo announced a partnership agreement to develop stock-trading apps. The company is 49% owned by AnalytixInsight and 33% owned by Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Intesa Sanpaolo is a leading bank in Europe with approximately 11.9 million customers, approx. 4,400 branches throughout Italy, and has emerged as Italy's first digital bank. In 2018, Intesa Sanpaolo announced plans to invest 2.8 billion euros over the following three years to increase the bank’s digitized business to 70%. Mobile is at the heart of the bank's digital ecosystem. The "app constellation" is centered around Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile, which provides access to banking services, financing, savings and is enhanced with the Investo app (developed by Marketwall) that enables customers to trade securities and monitor their investment assets using their mobile device.


Marketwall brokerage

In July 2019, Marketwall advanced a strategic plan to establish Marketwall Brokerage as an online financial broker aligned under the following elements:

  • Establish Marketwall Brokerage to offer leading FinTech-enabled services for receiving, transmitting and executing stock trading orders.

  • Marketwall Brokerage to request regulatory approvals for brokerage services initially in Italy and then intends to expand to other European countries.

  • Marketwall Brokerage to develop multi-device (e.g., mobile, wearables, smart-TV) trading platforms, combining research and financial education.

  • Marketwall Brokerage to use the Investment Bank of Intesa Sanpaolo as its execution broker.


marketwall products

During its four-year operating history, Marketwall has developed leading-edge FinTech solutions that offer sophistication and simplicity to users. Four key product offerings have been developed, tested and are now deployed:

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Financial Portal offers financial content including live videos, financial news feeds, real-time stock quotes, and custom-made video news stories. Marketwall currently has a partnership with Samsung Electronics, carrying the app as a pre-loaded financial app in its devices - including Smart TVs. Marketwall’s audience across all digital channels (Marketwall Apps, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) generates over 3.5 million views monthly.



A trading & research platform that has been developed to offer analyst research and stock-trading in one common enterprise digital platform. GlobalMarket is marketed and sold by a leading investment research provider and has already been installed by a leading bank in Western Europe for their approximately 4,000 professional users.



A mobile stock-trading application allowing users to trade and analyze stocks using a mobile device. Investo was developed for Intesa Sanpaolo and launched by them in September 2018. Investo is now available as a white-label service offering to other banks and brokerage firms who seek to enable mobile stock-trading solutions for their clients.


Research Portal

An elegant, private information portal for use by banks and brokerage firms to better serve their institutional buy-side clients. Investment research reports are organized and summarized in a password-protected portal, allowing a client to search and navigate research publications with ease, and eliminates the cumbersome email-based distribution methods traditionally used.