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Workforce Optimization (WFO) is a strategy used in businesses to improve efficiency by providing key data on the performance of a workforce. It is considered the next logical move to analyze and manage operational efficiency to enhance the customer experience. Machine intelligence and data analytics are the cornerstones of workforce optimization. In 2017, AnalytixInsight purchased Euclides Technologies’ field service management integration business. Euclides is an expert systems integrator and implementer of Workforce Optimization solutions.

About Euclides Technologies

Expert Systems Integration & Implementation Specialists

Euclides designs and implements Workforce Optimization solutions for large global enterprises. Led by experts with decades of specific industry experience and worldwide customers representing over 100,000 workforce personnel across multiple industries, our specialized know-how in the application of technology is key to the quality and longevity of our service management solutions. Leveraging our customers’ existing technologies and professional resources allows us to create tightly integrated systems that streamline operations and optimize not only our solutions, but even pre-existing products.

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Euclides is an IFS Channel Partner in North America, selling and implementing IFS Field Service Management™ (FSM) and IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization™ (PSO) software. Backed by advanced software, cloud, and artificial intelligence technologies, Euclides implements a wide range of solutions for clients in any industry, from phased implementation by line of business to tailor-made solutions that are deployed by geography.

AnalytixInsight is well positioned to advance machine intelligence offerings within the industry as it sells IFS software to net new customers and provides implementation and consulting to help customers rapidly drive software benefits through their organization.

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