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Actionable Insights

AnalytixInsight is an AI company transforming data into knowledge. Our AI engine powers disruptive financial analytics and fintech applications.

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Powerful tools, diverse industry applications

Our AI engine, capable of 100 billion daily computations, is the heart of our company, powering our applications in finance, fintech, and Workforce Optimization.


Fundamental financial analytics on global stocks

CapitalCube generates actionable insights for institutions and individuals worldwide. AI-driven analysis measures financial performance, dividend quality, ESG performance, and more, to determine the financial health of 50,000 companies worldwide.

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Proprietary scoring

Generating unique scores to evaluate the strength and performance of companies against their peers.

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AI-driven research reports

On-demand reports for 50,000 companies worldwide using natural language generation.

Sample reports
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CapitalCube visualization with data analysis through pie charts, graphs and scores

Fintech trading & research solutions

MarketWall is a developer of AI-assisted fintech solutions for individuals, banks, and brokers. Its digital online trading platform, InvestoPro, offers financial analysis and scores, screeners, editorial research and news content, virtual trading, and more.

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InvestoPro - Online financial broker

Multi-device trading platform offering stock, options, and derivatives trading, financial analysis, news, editorials, and more.
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GEMINA - White-label B2B solution

Designed to support the digital transformation of Banks, Brokers & Institutions, GEMINA is MarketWall's white-label AI-assisted trading platform.

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MarketWall visualization with data analysis, scores and news
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AI solutions for the mobile field service industry

Euclides Technologies is a systems integration and implementation specialist for the Field Service Management industry. Harnessing the power of our AI engine, we are developing machine learning and data analytics solutions for workforce optimization.

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Industry Partner - IFS

A global enterprise software company, IFS has 10,000 customers worldwide. Euclides sells & implements IFS software solutions.

About IFS
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Experienced team

A proven track-record of successful implementations with  customers representing +100,000 workforce personnel across industries.

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