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IFS Service Management is a full-service lifecycle management software for every service organization, incorporating Planning and Scheduling Optimization, Enterprise Service Management, Reverse Logistics, and Connected Field Service Management. Recent enhancements and embedded IoT capabilities make it a best-in-class solution that offers the most complete, connected field service on the market. IFS helps organizations to maximize operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. IFS customers report:

  • Saving 1.5 days of work every week with IFS mobile

  • Improved turnaround time from 24 hours to 2 hours

  • Reaching ROI in half the time of projection

  • Eliminating a roadblock in growth plan with IFS

  • Improving inventory variances from 20 percent to a fraction of one percent

IFS Field Service Management Software

IFS Field Service Management software covers the entire, end-to-end service lifecycle. Recent enhancements and embedded IoT capabilities make it a best-in-class solution that offers the most complete, connected field service on the market. We help organizations like yours to maximize operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.


  • 20% increase in equipment uptime

  • 33% improvement in technician productivity

  • 35% reduction in drive time

  • 81% improvement in SLA compliance

  • 300% increase in ratio of technicians to dispatchers


IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization

IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization consists of a range of modules that can either be implemented separately or integrated to form a powerful tool that provides visibility, scheduling optimization and planning of mobile resources. At its core, IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization software also delivers dynamic scheduling that can be optimized by several criteria to increase profit, reduce cost and ensure service level agreement (SLA) compliance.

Actual customer outcomes with IFS PSO:

  • 35% reduction in drive time

  • 49% decrease in subcontractor spend

  • 76% lower average cost per job

  • 300% increase in ratio of technicians to dispatchers


ClickSoftware is a full field service optimization solution that has led the Gartner Magic Quadrant report for the past 4 consecutive years. Once implemented, ClickSoftware will provide a stand-alone, centralized source system for all of your customer data, locations, service entitlements, service history, work order creation and more. With it, your company will have:

  • 360 degree visibility of all work and work types in a centralized system

  • Consistently schedule work according to company service policies

  • Optimized scheduling based on business rules and objectives including skills

  • Accurately schedule work days and/or weeks in the future

  • Travel and route optimization including map view

  • On-line appointment booking based on real-time resource availability

  • Multiple modes of scheduling from automatic to interactive

  • Real-time data communication with the field using mobile devices

ClickMobile by ClickSoftware Benefits:

  • Device agnostic supporting HTML5 and zero footprint

  • Full offline capabilities while disconnected

  • Automatic synchronization when connection is restored

  • Download ClickSoftware ClickApps for additional mobile functionality without coding

  • Change job status, add work details, time-sheets, parts, signatures, photos and more

  • A scalable, cross enterprise mobile platform

  • Highly configurable using the embedded rapid development studio

Euclides Workforce Optimization Services

Implementation Services

A successful implementation is critical in order to deliver the expected return on investment and user acceptance. You need to be able to count on a workforce management consultant for vast knowledge of IFS and ClickSoftware solutions as well as the expertise to lead and guide the implementation process from initial workshop to system launch.

Our experienced team has a proven track-record of achieving the highest quality results. Our process gives us that ability to remain agile, provide savvy customer service and maintain a high degree of professional delivery. We offer the best time-to-market for our customers. 

Integration Services

Through web services and XML, we provide real-time integration of systems:

  • ERP/CRM/EAM/Legacy

  • HR/Billing/Finance/Accounting

  • Inventory and Parts Management

  • Service Scheduling & Mobility


Our integration team can also:

  • Integrate with JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, legacy

  • Consult on integration needs for the entire business to relieve burden of IT departments

Support and Advisory Services

Euclides is flexible with our support approach and can help provide a custom quote in any scenario. We understand that many service management organizations who utilize Salesforce might have team members certified and capable of implementing a solution. Although these implementations may go smoothly, key best practices and logic around field service may be missing and thus could make it more costly and difficult for your organization to get up and running.

This is where our Advisory Services can help. Think of us as your best practice guru for workforce management – one you can call upon to help review and guide the implementation of your field service software from the outside. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your team, being the coach for the successful field service management software that you need.

Key offerings from this service include:

  • Onsite participation from Requirements and Design meetings to input into Technical and functional requirements documentation

  • Review of identified customization

  • Integration consultancy

  • Review of build configuration

  • QA services if required

  • Review of training materials and guidance on training plan

  • Review and advise on deployment strategy


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