Industry Benefits of Workforce Optimization

Industries today are benefiting from a wide range of technician scheduling and Workforce Optimization solutions. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of workers and the customers they serve by utilizing top-of-the-line tools to deliver the best-in-class solutions.


Utility field workforce management

Utility companies have both company-owned assets and personnel, requiring a utility field workforce management solution that can better manage a wide range of work and field activities. Product downtime in this industry often results in heavy criticism and pressure from customers and regulators. Therefore, it is critical to maintain assets and manage crew’s daily, during outages, storms and while performing disaster recovery.

For utilities, Field Workforce Management Solutions will:

  • Respond faster and increase regulatory compliance,

  • Plan work years in advance, increasing yearly budgetary workload,

  • Optimized scheduling to enforce policies during automatic scheduling — From customer service to transmission and distribution or outages,

  • Real-time visibility from mobile field apps to keep customers and regulators informed of which assets are being restored, and which are scheduled next,

  • Help track field service KPIs.


Telecom service management software

Communication companies are required to support company-owned assets, fixed line, cable, wireless, satellite and internet services, to operate at maximum efficiency. In order to do that, companies need a quality telecom service management software.

Our telecom service management solution creates optimized schedules for business users and allows them to dispatch work to the mobile workforce organization.

The Communications industry uses our solutions to:

  • Achieve 360º visibility of all work and work types in a centralized system,

  • Optimized scheduling based on business rules and objectives including skills,

  • Accurately schedule work days and/or weeks in the future,

  • Optimize travel and route with map views,

  • Process online appointment booking based on real-time resource availability,

  • Enable real-time data communication with the field using mobile devices.


oil & gas field management software

Delivering optimized mobile field solutions enables our clients to perform preventative maintenance, break/fix repair and installation with greater efficiency. We focus on streamlining the process of scheduling, dispatching and closing out work as well as increasing field personnel utilization. The oil and gas service industry often requires a mobile field resource software that has the capability of collecting field data and automatically integrating that data immediately to back-office systems.

 The Oil & Gas industry uses Workforce Optimization software to:

  • Create and manage an optimized schedule to maintain and service assets,

  • Increase up-time of company-owned field assets,

  • Effectively automate and enforce policies for planned and unplanned work,

  • Utilize Mobile to send/receive work order details from the field workforce.


Insurance automated dispatch software

The population is growing and so are the number of vehicles that people own. In order to increase efficiency and market share you have to find ways to improve business processes and serve customers in a more streamlined way. This is where a tailored automated dispatch software by our workforce management consultants comes into play.

Service dispatchers require a tool to help manage the work assignment process in order to maximize productivity, while reducing travel time and meeting customer commitments every time.

Insurance industry Workforce Optimization solutions:

  • Schedule and mobility applications provide complete visibility of all work,

  • Reduce the need for phone calls from the field to dispatch,

  • Schedule work by business rules in order to maximize productivity,

  • Reduce travel time through route optimization,

  • Keep appointments with customers.


manufacturing field service scheduling

As a manufacturer, the ability to provide service is a strategic advantage for your business and a motivator for customers who purchase your products. If you offer comprehensive maintenance programs, fulfilling the daily service requests can be a challenge to deliver without the manufacturing field service scheduling tools enhanced for your specific organization.

Capabilities enable service-oriented companies to perform at their highest level including:

  • 360 degree visibility of all work and work types in a centralized system,

  • Consistently schedule work according to company service policies,

  • Optimized scheduling based on business rules and objectives including skills,

  • Travel and route optimization including map view,

  • On-line appointment booking based on real-time resource availability,

  • Real-time data communication with the field using mobile devices.


household appliance technician scheduling software

Each time the appliance is not up to standard, you need to make sure field service technicians will give their very best service visit to please the customer and keep them satisfied.  We can tailor solutions to be exactly what you and your customers need for:

  • Meeting and exceeding expectations outlined in varying support contracts,

  • Providing the customer with updates on when the technician will arrive based on their GPS location,

  • Implementing the most efficient schedule with less gaps between service visits,

  • Structuring the technician scheduling software to work for your customers time frames and your business best practices at the same time.


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