Midas Letter: Predictive Analytics 2.0 Is The Next Big Thing In Investment Banking

The investment banking industry is no stranger to big data analytics. The shift from short term, human-based trading decisions to algorithmic ones gained a foothold 15 years ago and never looked back. The machines didn’t just win, they dominated.

AnalytixInsight Brings Together Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Financial Trading

This tech company, which has been using artificial intelligence to produce financial research, has joint ventured with an Italian bank to create a financial trading platform that has the potential to be used by millions. 


TSX Venture 50 CEO Interview: Prakash Hariharan

AnalytixInsight CEO Prakash Hariharan discusses the company’s recent success and growth trajectory after being named to the TSX Venture 50 list of companies.

Smallcaps Investment Research: Why AnalytixInsight is at the Forefront of Aritificial Intelligence

AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSXV: ALY – $0.46 & OTC: ATIXF – $0.37 & Frankfurt: 1JX – €0.30) is the developer of an artificial intelligence, machine learning platform that turns big data into actionable information, and which recently turned profitable!

Network Newswire: Artificial Intelligence Shakes up Fintech

Artificial intelligence (“AI”) is an increasingly important part of the financial technology sector, specifically in analyzing stocks and providing insights into the markets that human analysts alone can’t make. As such, AI-driven funds hold an increasingly large portion of the market, moving this technology into the mainstream.

Robert McWhirter discusses Analytixinsight on BNN Market Call

BNN Market Call: Robert McWhirter, president of Selective Asset Management Inc., discusses Analytixinsight.

Ellis Martin Report with AnaylytixInsight's Scott Urquhart

Join Ellis Martin for a conversation with AnalytixInsight's Scott Urquhart.

Stockhouse: Steve Palmer (AlphaNorth) surveys the market

Founded in 2007, AlphaNorth Asset Management is a Toronto based investment manager. The firm combines both bottom-up fundamental analysis and top-down strategy with technical analysis in the selection of investments offering the best risk/reward opportunities.

Larry King Interviews Chaith Kondragunta, CEO, AnalytixInsight

Larry King sat down with Chaith Kondragunta, CEO of AnalytixInsight to discuss investment research, big data, and the services provides for investors.