AnalytixInsight Media Spotlight


AnalytixInsight VP: Our AI Platform is Multi-Industry Capable

March 4, 2019

We want to unlock the value of Marketwall for our shareholders, says Scott Urquhart, VP, Corporate Development at AnalytixInsight Inc.


Scott Urquhart, VP of Corporate Development, presents AnalytixInsight at Cantech 2019

February 1, 2019

There's a coming wave of investment in AI, Big Data, and FinTech and AnalytixInsight is one of few public companies with a real product touching on all of those technologies.


Prakash Hariharan, CEO AnalytixInsight: TSX Venture 50 Interview

February 23, 2018

AnalytixInsight CEO Prakash Hariharan discusses the company’s recent success and growth trajectory after being named to the TSX Venture 50 list of companies.



AnalytixInsight Partners with Leading Financial Reporting Agency Thomson Reuters in Milestone Agreement

May 19, 2018, SmallCAPS Investment Research

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications of FinTech content provider AnalytixInsight Inc. are clearly gaining momentum. The Company is in the midst of a successful roll-out of this new technology to a growing client base that recognizes advantages, such faster and more accurate analysis, that contribute to more effective trading strategies.


Machine-Learning: The New Master of Financial Markets

May 17, 2018, NetworkNewsWire

The rise of artificial intelligence is fast disrupting the financial universe and establishing new paradigms of understanding and action. Computers now drive market velocity, and because the volume of available financial information has expanded exponentially over the last few decades, machines have become indispensable to deciphering these mountains of megabytes in order to create clear-cut actionable intelligence.


AnalytixInsight Joins Forces with Leading International Financial Players, Tech Giants and VC’s

May 12, 2018, SmallCAPS Investment Research

The rapid development of new technology solutions for the financial sector (Fintech) has created an entirely different range of advanced options for financial services and transactions that did not even exist just a few years ago.


AnalytixInsight Puts Powerful Information at the Fingertips of Individual Investors

April 30, 2018, NetworkNewsWire

AnalytixInsight’s artificial intelligence technology can find meaning in numbers and data, transform the disparate information into plain English and deliver it as actionable insights.


Midas Letter: Predictive Analytics 2.0 Is The Next Big Thing In Investment Banking

February 26, 2018, Midas Letter Live

The investment banking industry is no stranger to big data analytics. The shift from short term, human-based trading decisions to algorithmic ones gained a foothold 15 years ago and never looked back. The machines didn’t just win, they dominated. Fortunately for investors, there is an investment worthy, pure-play AI company at the forefront of the predictive analytics revolution in Canada.


Smallcaps Investment Research: Why AnalytixInsight is at the Forefront of Aritificial Intelligence

February 10, 2018, SmallCAPS Investment Research

AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSXV: ALY – $0.46 & OTC: ATIXF – $0.37 & Frankfurt: 1JX – €0.30) is the developer of an artificial intelligence, machine learning platform that turns big data into actionable information, and which recently turned profitable!